My Relationship with Sex

Sex and I have a very close relationship. We are like those best friends that grew up together so we are close enough to be related but really we not…i think they call that Storge type of love. Shit sex and I are soul mates!!! I’ve always been interested in sex ever since I was a little child. I remember playing around in the bathroom in Kindergarten trying to see a girls Wednesday panties and touch each other and also looking at a young boys penis. When I really think about it…. I remember at nap time when I was a young girl in pre-K being very drawn to cuddling and touching and curious of wanting more at that very young age.I KNEW there was more there.

I know people say that they are sexual beings but when I really sit down and think about it, when I say it…. I truly mean it. It’s been something that has been fueling me since the beginning. I remember being so excited about finding my parents stash of porn videos & watching each one feeling that yearning for what I was watching. I remember feeling curiosity about genitalia when I would see them in pictures, videos, even my pets having a vagina and understanding that I had a connection there.

I remember the 1st time I saw a dick! Not a little boy penis but a DICK! It was big, it was black, it was hairy. Kinda like what I would imagine Adam-and-Eve nakedness would be, very raw and natural. THE SHIT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!  I probably was about 12 and my aunt had a boyfriend who had 3 sons. The oldest was changing clothes for the pool and I saw it and I liked it! Then I remember going to play in the pool with him and him carrying me over to the deep end because I couldn’t swim. We were face-to-face to each other and he got an erection. I was sitting in just the right place to feel that initial touch of the head of the penis on my lips through our bathing suits. WOW,  what a great experience!!! It was innocent, it was pleasuring and without any satisfaction through penetration it was simply a connection.

Soo…. I guess what I love the most about sex is connection not really penetration or other forms of sex. That explains why I’m open to polyamory or being open lover because it creates more opportunity for connection. Even when I have sex I don’t just have sex. I’m always connecting as that pathway to love because what good is sex without love??…. Even in the simplest form of caring for that person only in that moment in time and pleasure being the reaction of your care.

Now in present day sex & I are taking a little break from each other. We been together for a long time, flirting since forever and committed to each other since 14!!! Do I miss them? absolutely!!!!! I even think about ways to connect while staying true to this path than I am on. Call me a sucker for loopholes, but I think is important for me to take this time away from my long lasting fruitful relationship that I have had with sex because I realize that sex motivates me, sex revitalizes, sex makes me happy and that’s great, but there’s codependency there. I am trying to find motivation, revitalization and happiness all on my own. But you best believe that once I figure it out I’ll be giving my long time friend sex a call to catch up! I’d like to see how we’ve both changed and grown since we’ve been apart. I hope to have an all new appreciation for sex now that I have created healthy boundaries and interactions with it. I can’t wait to most of all..CONNECT!

-The Pussy Party President

Whats your relationship with sex, I’d love to hear more and talk all about it…comment below!!

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